Demo: Hunger Bender by Tone Hungry

About a year or so ago a very close friend of mine reached out to me about reviewing a fuzz pedal for an up and coming effects company. I’m all about playing with the latest and greatest, and I always have a very open mindset about up and comers. (I’m also always on the lookout for a fuzz that could replace my Sovtek!) Those guys cutting their teeth and wood shedding in their garage could be the next big company. Look at Earthquaker Devices! I followed and supported them back in the early days, and now they’re huge. The technical ceiling and cost of entry for developing pedals has been reduced so much so that anyone and everyone can get into making pedals. People can start out with clone kits and end up tweaking them little by little and before you know it you have something unique on your hands.

Photo credit: Tone Hungry

Photo credit: Tone Hungry

Anyways, the effects company my buddy reached out to me is a small Canadian company called Tone Hungry. Based out of beautiful Calgary Alberta, Canada (and designed and built by just one person!) Tone Hungry specializes in all things dirt, having designed distortion, fuzz and treble boosters. I was able to get my hands on a Hunger Bender fuzz pedal for review.  The Hunger Bender fuzz is based off the MKIII Tone Bender circuit from the 70’s. The Hunger Bender brings some unique component changes to this circuit that blends overdrive and fuzz to get those sweet vintage tones with an extra modern kick to it.

Peep the video, let me know what you think, and always support up and comers like Tone Hungry in your local scene!