Show Me Your Pedalboard: Drew

Today's Show Me Your Pedalboard entry comes from Drew from Michigan! Drew plays in a grindcore band and his board features the bare essentials, as well as some fun, and some weird noise makers. Let's dive in and take a look at what Drew is rocking:

As we saw with our interview series with Justin Pearson, grindcore is a lot more than amps up to 11 and blast beats. Grindcore can be really noisy and aggressive but it is no stranger to the realm of pushing sonic creativity. Drew plays guitar for his band See You Next Tuesday and his board has got a lot of options for really experimenting with his sound.

Starting off from the top row (left to right) is an ISP Technologies Decimator II Noise Supressor (essentially a noise gate) followed by a Malekko LoFi Ekko. With the Malekko LoFi Ekko, it's all in the name, it's this really cool compact analog delay pedal with crazy modulation. You can get ring mod tones and Nintendo sounds out of it, and you can get some gnarly echo trails too.

Photo credit: Pro Guitar Shop

Photo credit: Pro Guitar Shop

Up next is a really interesting chorus pedal, the Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus. Dr. Scientist is a boutique pedal company based out of Canada, and the Cosmichorus is a combo chorus and delay pedal with tremolo capabilities. These guys supposedly got a MN3007 chip in it too (which I'm assuming is the same family as the coveted MN3008 for the OG Deluxe Memory Man). You can get extreme vibrato type sounds and you can build huge ambient soundscapes too. Really cool Drew, I got to check these guys out!

Up next after the Cosmichorus is a Subdecay OctaSynth analog synth modeler followed by a Seymour Duncan 805 overdrive followed by a Digitech Dropwhich is the Whammy function of the Digitech Whammy but without the actual physical pedal. 

Photo credit: Sweetwater

Photo credit: Sweetwater

On the bottom row of Drew's board (left to right) is a BOSS PS-6 Harmonist followed by one of my favorite loopers ever, the Hotone Wally Looper! The Wally is a mini loop station which can record up to 15 minutes of loop phrases in a single memory bank. It also has separate input/output level controls and a tempo variation/time stretch function. Even more, it's super real estate friendly. 

Up next is a Red Witch Titan Delay (featuring 3 independent delays!) followed by a Z.Vex Ringtone sequenced based ring mod. Drew's board ends in an Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay and a BOSS DD-6 digital delay.

You're working with a lot of cool stuff here Drew, my only recommendations would be to try to group all of the similar pedals together, delays next to delays, harmonizers next to harmonizers, modulation next to modulation and so on. Also throw a fuzz in there! Consider the Tall Font Russian by Wren and Cuff. But hey, if it works for you then it works for you!

Thanks, Drew, for sending in your board! If you haven't sent in your board you can do so by mailing us at Your board could end up here on Pedals And Effects! Until next time!