Demo: Noise Diet Bit Grinder

Every now and then I set up to shoot a video, not really knowing what to expect from the pedal I am going to feature. The video of the Noise Diet’s Bit Grinder was just that! A perfect example of expecting the unexpected! While I was on a Deltron 3030 Northwest tour, I was doing an Earthquaker Devices clinic at The Guitar Store in Seattle. During the clinic one of the Noise Diet builders walks up to me and hands me the Bit Grinder. I believe we had a short conversation and I really figured I would find some info on the web about this amazing pedal.

Well, there is not much out there on this pedal except that the Bit Grinder is a bit crusher pedal meaning it is taking the instrument’s signal and degrading it’s sample rate. I have covered a couple of other bit crushers and I am a huge fan of these wild effects but I believe they are not for everyone.

Photo credit: The Guitar Store

Photo credit: The Guitar Store

This bit crusher is cool because right out of the box, this box made some wild sounds I have yet to come across! The Noise Diet dudes have nailed this bit crusher in the over the top sounds department. I also love the graphics which have a punk rock element to it. I could see my friend Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot using one of these on drums or vocals for sure.

If you dig noisy pedals that catapult your instruments sound into the distorted future, then show Noise Diet some love on their Facebook page and order one up!