Demo: Shift Line Astronaut Multiverb Space Unit featuring Nathan Latona

Today we're joined by unique bassist Nathan Latona to go over a unique pedal! In case you weren't familiar Nathan is the bass player extraordinaire for Tera Melos! Nick, Nathan, and I got to spend some time with the Astronaut Multiverb Space Unit by Shift Line, sent to us all the way from Russia! I love it for its simplicity, compact size, multiple reverb/shimmer options, and the lush sounds it can create. 


It's all in the name for the Astronaut Multiverb, as it has not one, not two, but eight, different and unique reverb settings. The reverbs range from the simple: plate, hall, spring and ping-pong delays to the extreme: reverse shimmer, and Digitech Space Station-esque ambiance. Don't let it's simplicity fool you despite only having three knobs, Shift-Line threw in the kitchen sink when it comes to sonic experimentation. 

Photo credit: Shift-Line

Photo credit: Shift-Line

My gripe with the pedal is that for the sake of simplicity, Shift-Line decided to the label the settings as really basic shapes. So outside of using your ears, it can be difficult to know which setting does what. We had to keep consulting our notes and the website to figure it out. The options are limited, with only a "Level" and a "Mix" knob to work with. It's a great "set it, and forget it" option for reverb. That being said, for the price, and the size, you can get a lot of really unique sounds from the pedal, and the eight settings are more than enough to keep you exploring this pedal for days. 

Check out the video review where Nathan mans the bass, I work the pedal, Nick provides some color commentary and we discuss how neither of these fools have seen the original Terminator. There's also some dope cutoff bypass/trail stuff that Nick figured out, so check it!