Curtis Novak Bi-Sonic Pickups: Part Two

Hello, Jonathan here for this second edition of our feature on the Curtis Novak Bi-Sonic pickup...In this clip, I take Juan's Bi-Sonic equipped bass to Curtis' shop for a little tune-up and some conversation on pickups with the man himself!

Photo credit: Curtis Novak

Photo credit: Curtis Novak

Curtis has dedicated a lot of research, time, and creativity to what he designs and builds. Working on pickups and these electronics have been his life's work and it absolutely shows. (Worry not guitar players, Curtis makes guitar pickups to vintage specs too!) Curtis was gracious enough to take the time to share some of his knowledge about the Bi-Sonic design with me here:

Thanks to Curtis for hosting me at his shop and giving us a glimpse into a corner of this awesome pickup's legacy! Next we return Juan's bass to him at 5 Starr, along with a Novak built P-bass with Bi-Sonics for a little playing and listening party. Stay tuned!