Demo: Red Panda Bitmap

One of the best companies in the boutique pedal game is Red Panda. They make interesting effects that sound like no other, and they are helping musicians reach new levels in sonic creation! Their designs are smart, their artwork is clean and their functionality is off the charts! The Bitmap is no exception and is one of the most useful and manageable bit crushers Pedals And Effects has come across.

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Nick Reinhart and I dropped some guitar and bass on the Bitmap to see how crushed we could get. Answer is, very crushed. I wish we would have put a drum machine through it but maybe that is for another video. Drop this effect on keyboards or your live drums and see how lo-fi you can get your mix!

Granted, we are just scraping the surface of this effect. For this demonstration, Nick and I wanted to give you some guitar riffing that really showcases the wide range of sounds this pedal can get. 

We could only show so much Bitmap goodness this time around but trust us, this pedal will help you reach sounds that are engaging, unique, that can border on video game noises to Sonic Youth style tones. Check it out!