Interview: Nathan Latona of Tera Melos - Part One

Pedals And Effects is proud to welcome Nathan Latona of Tera Melos to 5Starr Sound Labs! As some of you may know (and for those who don't), outside of working on Pedals And Effects, Nick plays guitar in the dope band Tera Melos where Nathan takes up bass duties. There's a lot going with their music, and we got to talking to Nathan about the history of the band, how he approaches bass, and how he uses effects in the eye of the hurricane that is Tera Melos

The interview starts off with Nick and Nathan giving a brief history of Tera Melos, their downsizing from four-piece to three-piece, their first pedals ever and their basic setups in the beginning. Nathan then talks about his growing pedal board, how Nick and Nathan power their boards, a Steve Albini connection and more!

Photo credit: Digitech

Photo credit: Digitech

I love listening to these two dudes talk, they have a long history making music together and their chemistry shows. Check out part one of our interview with Nathan Latona, you can bet there's more to come! Stay tuned!