Demo: Source Audio's Stingray Multi-Filter & Multiwave Distortion

It’s always exciting when Nick Reinhart comes through 5starr Sound Labs to demo pedals. Nick has such a unique approach to pedals that is very different from my own. He often utilizes a pedal in ways that may not immediately occur to me. This time around, Nick came through with a couple of Source Audio pedals that have been revamped for today’s touring musician. The Soundblox 2 Stingray Multi-Filter and Multiwave Distortion are both small little packages that bring a lot of options to the table that give respect to their predecessors while charting new ground!

Source Audio is one of the leaders of effects modeling. They have long been modeling distortions and we have covered them here on Pedals And Effects before. But with Nick at the helm, we get better examples of just how far out these pedals can be taken. The Multiwave Distortion 2 is “the newest edition of the award-winning Multiwave Distortion that has 23 distinct distortion sounds featuring an algorithm that separately distorts ten different frequency bands for a larger, cleaner sounding fuzz.” Nick explains this roughly but displays it beautifully.

The Stingray Multi-Filter 2 is pretty damn awesome, and I feel has a much better design than the filter pedal we reviewed before on Pedals And Effects. This time, Source Audio gave us more imaginative functions in this filter effect. “The Stingray features 12 diverse and dynamic filter effects with four modes of filter modulation. Plus, with its onboard distortion component, the Stingray makes it possible to dial a wide range of tones from classic, funky envelope filters to futuristic synthesizer inspired fuzz.” It is these futuristic synthesizer sounds that have caught my ears and I am sure you will be stoked on them too!