12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 4 - Rockboard Patch Cables & Warwick LWA 500 Bass Amp

The 12 Days of Pedals and Effects is open to everyone WORLDWIDE. However, neither Pedals and Effects, nor the sponsors are responsible for any lost or stolen items, nor anything held in customs of the country it ships to. 

On the fourth Day Of Pedals And Effects you have a chance to win...an assortment of Rockboard Flat Patch Cables AND a Warwick LWA 500 bass amp! 


Every now and then there comes a product that revolutionizes the industry, and this year that honor has to go to Warwick's Rockboard Flat Patch Cables! Never before have there been patch cables that make so much sense when assembling a pedalboard. If you ever wanted to fit more pedals on your board, have it look cleaner than ever before, and have the peace of mind in knowing that your connections are bulletproof, and built to last, the Rockboard Flat Patch Cables are the answer. 

I used the Rockboard Flat Patch Cables this year on my Juliette Lewis pedalboard and couldn't have been happier with the experience. I actually could fit a pedal on my board I thought I was going to have to leave off because I ran out of space! My board looked super clean which means less chance that something goes wrong like a fat headed cable end getting yanked out by mic cables getting tangled in them.

But wait, that's not all...you have the chance to win a Warwick LWA 500 Bass Amplifier too!

Who doesn’t need a banging little bass amp that is light weight and hella loud? The LWA Bass Amplifier is what you need, and it is also what your back needs. The amp comes loaded with tone! Featuring a 4-band EQ, compression, gain, and volume knobs, the LWA also has an aux and headphone jacks for practice, a mute switch, and signal-indicating LEDs for the mute, input, compressor, and output clip. 

In the era of fly dates and other weight considerations, this amp and cable combo will put the gigging musician's mind at ease. Warwick is changing the game with these cables and amps, and it could bring holiday cheer to you if you win!


How to win:

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