12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 5 - TWA Wah Rocker

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On the fifth day of Pedals And Effects you have a chance to win...a TWA WA-3 Wah Rocker!



The TWA WA-3 Wah Rocker is a funky envelope filter device that was inspired by the legendary Guyatone Wah Rocker series. Guyatone stopped making this pedal a few years ago and, as expected, the used gear price shot through the roof. 

Thanks to the people at TWA, the funk has been brought back to the gear world and it has been given some awesome updates! The original Wah Rocker came as one pedal and then there was the Bottom Wah Rocker for bass. The TWA WA-3 has a switch within the pedal so you can use it for both bass and guitar.

I toured for years with the original Guyatone Bottom Wah Rocker, and recorded a bunch with it.  I always wanted to buy a backup but they were difficult to find and eventually they stopped making them. Now the problem is solved because you can get the TWA WA-3 that not only has the original threshold and decay controls but now comes with range, gain and blend knobs for more versatility.  

The WA-3 comes with TWA’s "proprietary S3™ “Shortest Send Switching”—a form of True Bypass that uses electronic relays combined with a mechanical switch.  S3™ switching assures that the input signal travels the absolute shortest distance between input and output jacks, guaranteeing the most transparent bypass tone available.”

Win this WA-3 Wah Rocker and bring more funk into your holiday festivities!


How to win:

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