Post Surgery Update: I Feel Improvement Already!

As you all may know, I had surgery on my right wrist for post trauma after a 2009 bicycle wreck. I had started noticing a decline in my wrist’s ability to play as fast as I used to. The flexion on the wrist was being impinged by scarring from the crash.

After seeing Flea recently at a restaurant near my house, the mightiest bassist on the planet was recovering from a snowboard accident where he damaged his elbow. He had mentioned he was going to the clinic that works on the Los Angeles Lakers. After a few months, Josh (RHCP guitarist) had told me Flea was almost fully recovered. This news put me in action.

I text Gage (RHCP tour manager and former TMV tour manager) and asked him if he could help get into the clinic for consultation. Once I met Dr. Shin, and he assured me I would have a great recovery, I moved on getting this operation. I want my speed back!

Friday, I woke up to the doctor and Nick Reinhart (my homie and Uber driver that day) looking at me and asking me how I felt. I have to say, I felt like I had just slept a week but was fairly lucid and was ready to move my fingers. The first thing I noticed was that my fingers felt unhinged! I was moving them super fast and it filled me with hope.

Over the weekend, I could tell that this surgery was a great move. I kept showing my friends that my speed was back and I was pretty hopeful. Here today, a few days post surgery and I still feel positive. Some swelling has settled in (to be expected) but the bandages are off and I only have two bandaids.  I have slowed a little but I am sure that with proper physical therapy (Josh says Flea does his PT religiously), I will be back at Scarified!

Thank you for all the well wishes and I will continue to update.