Review: Seppuku FX Kompakt Kaset Delay

Alessandro Cortini comes through Pedals And Effects again to review another wild effects pedal! This time it’s the Seppuku FX Kompakt Kaset delay! This is a wild pedal that Alessandro describes as producing sounds that resemble a broken channel on a 4 track cassette recorder. Alessandro is an absolute sonic genius, and he manages to finds pedals that I have been unable to locate and is willing to share them with us.

The Kompakt Kaset takes the voltage peaks of your signal that are tracked and squeezes them through germanium diodes, causing them to disrupt the inner pitch stability of a delay chip. “The pitch becomes unstable as you turn up the power control and the germanium diodes heat up – decreasing the threshold of instability.”  There is a switch for boosting signals into saturated fuzz and a toggle for blending / cutting clean signal.

Watch one of the most articulate and knowledgeable noise makers in the game do an incredible job describing such a weird and un-describable pedal. Alessandro is so creative and smart and his choices in sounds is in my opinion, unmatched at the highest level.

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Get on this pedal and more from the amazing designs at Seppuku FX!