Thoughts from the operating table and lessons learned

Today, I am going into surgery for an old injury I sustained on my fixed gear bike back in 2009. l was riding my bike through a road construction in South Pasadena and the workers motioned me to hurry through while they held auto traffic and I didnt see the pot hole they were repairing. Next thing I knew, I was in the air wondering if I had been hit by a car.

The next thing I remember was a construction worker looking over me and I asked if I had been hit by a car. He responded no but that I had gone over my handle bars because I hit the pothole and then said “I would sue the city.” I had broken two ribs, separated shoulder and a minor fracture on my wrist at the base of my thumb.

My wrist wasn’t that bad…at first. The doctors initially thought I didn’t even need a cast but I told them that I was a musician, and they said it would be better to do so. I had a Mars Volta tour coming up and I had to get that cast molded a certain way so I could play bass. I did pretty well and when we got to NYC, I went to a doctor there and he pulled the cast and I performed with bandages.

Well, after all the years, my wrist had developed issues that could not have been predicted. I have lost some of my flexibility which impinges my wrist tendons from moving as fast as they did in the Racer X days. The center that is doing the surgery did Flea’s elbow reconstruction so I feel confident that I will be 100% after my physical therapy. Wish me luck!

I have a friend that I met at the Warwick Bass Camp last year named Nick Shinzedelo, and he has suggested that since I didn’t sue the city, I might want to reconsider since I could not have foreseen the developments. Any good lawyers in the house?