Interview: Jonathan Nuñez bassist of Torche!

I have to start this post with a sincere Pedals And Effects apology. We had a complete interview with Jonathan Nuñez from the band Torche but our former filmographer lost part of the footage. I decided to offer you most of the video sans the part where we talk about his band and his production of other bands. Again, my sincere apologies but now for the good news! Here is Jonathan before his Torche/Melt Banana tour with tons of tone knowledge!

Torche is my favorite heavy band going right now. They have super heavy riffs but also have the Thin Lizzy dual guitar leads I love (similar to The Fucking Champs!). The dude who holds down the low end for Torche is this man, Jonathan Nuñez! He gets insane tone, does some wild things with effects, knows his Ampeg amplifiers inside and out and other great bass trades!

The thing I love about Torche is that they are very catchy while tearing your head off.  A lot of that heaviness comes from Jonathan’s distorted active bass…yes, active bass!!! This goes against everything I preach but I have been converted!

Here are two bass dudes, talking bass, bass gear and other bass stories! And they best, Jonathan hooks up my Ampeg SVT-VR in a way that made it sound even better! Genius! Part 1 and 2!