Throwback Thursday: The First Ever Fuzz Wars

It's been amazing to see all of the positive turnout for our relaunch of Pedals and Effects. The best part is there's plenty more Pedals and Effects goodness to come!  More videos, more promotions, more shenanigans! We're quickly coming up on our fourth anniversary, and the site has come such a long way since it first started up. It got me reflecting on the content we've done, and it got me thinking about one of our more popular features the Fuzz Wars series. So I thought I'd do a Throwback Thursday on how the "Wars" series came to be!

With Fuzz Wars, I wanted to use it as an opportunity to bring in guests like Jonathan Hischke, who's an amazing bass player, and all around good dude. Originally the series was supposed to be our first annual "Fuzz off." As we were video taping, we saw that it was more like a war, hence the name change to "Fuzz Wars!" 

In preparing for Fuzz Wars, I asked all of you to suggest what fuzz pedals you’d like to see  me review and I have to admit, I was impressed- there were a few I’d never heard of.  That is the crazy thing about fuzzes- there are so many being manufactured right now and they all create different sounds, so it’s tough to keep up with the production output. So again- Fuzz Wars was born.

Our very first Fuzz Wars featured Way Huge’s Swollen Pickle, my Russian Sovtek Muff, Last Gasp Art Laboratories’ Super Oscillo Fuzz and Dwarfcraft’s Eau Clair Thunder.  I love all four but each have very unique sounds and functions. Check out the video and let us know which fuzz you dig!

We had access to new and old fuzzes, custom jobs, and some discontinued models but for the first Fuzz Wars, I think we did a pretty good job. Fuzz Wars has had multiple entries since, with the latest and newest fuzz pedals from larger companies and fuzz pedals coming from guys building them out of their garage. Fuzz Wars also spawned Reverb Wars, and Envelope Wars. We're stoked on what we have coming out soon, and you can definitely count on us making bigger and better Wars videos!