Heads Up: Last day of the FwonkBeta envelope filter sale!

You have until midnight tonight to get the FwonkBeta envelope filter at the special Pedals And Effects price of $139.95! Tomorrow the amount goes up to the street price of $179.95. Still on the fence about the FwonkBeta? Here are a few reasons I recommend you get one now:

Photo credit: Mr. Black

Photo credit: Mr. Black

1. The FwonkBeta is truly a funky envelope filter with easily attainable envelopes. Some envelopes require a lot of hand work to get the envelope to open. The sensitivity on this unit is dialed so you should be talk boxing in no time!

2. It is at an incredibly great price of $139.95 as opposed to $179.95 tomorrow.

3. The FwonkBeta looks hella tight in purple.

4. The low pass on this little pedal will rattle speakers, and your band. Dip into it and you will turn heads!

5. You help out your favorite pedal site, Pedals And Effects!

6. Master bassist Tim Lefebvre was feeling it!

YOU MUST ENTER THE CODE PAE or PedalsAndEffects at checkout to receive the discount!

Just watch this video one more time and see/hear why you should buy one today!