Review: Neunaber Seraphim Mono Shimmer

The Neunaber Audio Effects Seraphim Mono Shimmer had arrived (from Santa Ana, California!) a few months ago to the Pedals And Effects HQ . But because of our relaunch, the review took some time to get done. Now without further delay, Pedals And Effects presents it's review of the Neunaber Seraphim Mono Shimmer reverb pedal:

Photo credit: Neunaber

Photo credit: Neunaber

When I spoke to Brian at Neunaber, he told me his approach when making pedals is consistency. The machines/tools he uses to build his pedals are very consistent in build quality to which he mentions that his return rate is extremely low. Brian's machines are at the point where they are capable of producing 100% perfectly working products with no glitches. 

So we know Neunaber makes great quality pedals, but do they sound good? I can say that the Seraphim has awesome sounds, but the pedal's user friendly functionality makes it a serious contender for your live/gigging board needs. 

Nick Reinhart and I gave the Seraphim a spin, and I have to say that it is a very musical pedal, with intelligent functionality, in a real estate friendly enclosure. If you're looking for an angelic reverb with unique sonic qualities and ease of use, look no further! 

Peep our video review!