Review: FwonkBeta Envelope Filter by Mr Black with Tim Lefebvre

The FwonkBeta promotion is coming to an end this week. You only have until midnight, March 16th to get the massive discount on the FwonkBeta by Mr Black. Still on the fence? Well here is Tim Lefebvre running some massive sounds through the FwonkBeta to help convince you that you need it on your pedalboard.

Tim Lefebvre is one of the hardest working bassists today. Tim is the bassist for the Tedeschi Trucks band (who have a great new record out now called Let Me Get By where Tim kills it!), does a ton of one offs in either jazz, fusion or electronic experimental bands as well as his contributions to this year's best record, David Bowie's Blackstar. 


Tim also knows a thing or two about pedals. Having been on Pedals And Effects a few times, Tim knows sound like no other bassist. He proves it in this video when he effortlessly dials in great sounds with four pedals, and then plays some amazing bass lines as a result. And having never played through the FwonkBeta, the pedal easily lends itself to what Tim throws at it. In my experience, I say that is a sign of a great pedal. 

The FwonkBeta envelope filter by Mr Black promotion comes to an end midnight March 16th. The deal is, the FwonkBeta is $139.95 through Pedals And Effects and after March 16th, you can get it for $179.95 everywhere that carries Mr. Black Pedals. YOU MUST ENTER PAE OR PedalsAndEffects at checkout to receive the discount!