Interview: Tim Lefebvre Going Track by Track on David Bowie's Blackstar

In part two of the Pedals And Effects interview with Tim Lefebvre, Tim goes through the tracks on David Bowie's Blackstar record, telling us each bass line's origins, basses played, effects used and so much more.

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I am so honored this dude came through and broke it all down for us. This Blackstar record is so amazing in what it covers, musically. Great pop songs, electronic influences, jazz nuances, rock fearlessness are all here on this album and Tim deserves his own award for playing flawlessly.

Tim brought the pedals he used on Blackstar and one of the two basses he used on it. Shout out to Darkglass Electronics, Pike Amplification/3Leaf Audio, Boss, and Way Huge for making it on to this historic record.

I was listening to this record when news broke out about David Bowie's passing. It was definitely one of those moments in life where you know exactly where you were when you heard the news. When John Lennon died, I was at my parents house and we were all in the kitchen with the radio on, listening to the reports about his death. With David Bowie, I was about to go see Tim and Mark Guiliana at the Blue Whale but when I was hit with this, I couldn't bring myself to go out. Instead, I stayed home and listened to Blackstar until 3am.

Here is to Tim and to Mr. Bowie's masterpiece, Blackstar.