2016 Update: Warped Vinyl Vibrato/Chorus by Chase Bliss

Wanted to take an updated look at one of the more interesting Vibrato/Chorus pedals out there. Anyone that knows me knows that an integral part of my sound is a Vibrato pedal paired with a Fretless bass. Back in 2014 I had gotten the opportunity to demo the Warped Vinyl MK. I Vibrato from Chase Bliss. Chase Bliss has since updated the Warped Vinyl (MK.II) in 2015 and I wanted to revisit this very unique pedal. 

At the time when the Warped Vinyl from Chase Bliss arrived, I only thought one thing...I bet this pedal makes the Pedals And Effects "Best of 2014" list. I was going to have to get some really amazing pedals in order for this not to make it on that list. (It made the list!)

What really makes this pedal unique is that it has the ability to simulate the effect of a warped vinyl record. If you've ever held your finger down on a spinning record, or played an old record that hadn't been stored well (out in the heat, or out in the rain) the sound it makes is this really unique and sometimes eerie vibrato. The pedal captures this sort of unique unpredictability and really adds depth to your instrument. 

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb

The Warped Vinyl Vibrato/Chorus not only simulates the effect of a warped vinyl record but is capable of so much more. This pedal features an analog signal path, but every knob is connected to a little digital microprocessor that interfaces with the analog effect.  The instrument’s signal stays analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed.  All analog sound with smart digital processing means tons of options with amazing textures!  Think of it like a Boss VB-2 with the ability to be unpredictable at times! The MK.II features an additional "Tone" knob, MIDI capabilities and an increased signal to noise ratio all the while still being purely analog. The MK.II is now painted white and also comes in a nice wooden box like OG Electro-Harmonix pedals used to come in! Really dig that sort of presentation, the guys at Chase Bliss are amazing and take total pride in the work they do. 

Check out the video review of the MK.I where I decided to pair the Warped Vinyl with TSVG’s Babbling Flower glitchy fuzz. This is no ordinary fuzz because this fuzz is set to produce computer-like fuzz that randomly clips in odd places. Its tone can go from throaty to saw buzz.  A perfect paring with any pedal that has no comparison!

You can purchase these pedals and more at Reverb.com!