Pedals And Effects Sets World Record With 145 Pedals

Pedals And Effects had such a huge response to our 100 Pedals video that we asked ourselves "what could be bigger than that?" and the answer was "let's set the world record!" After doing a couple of hours of research on the largest pedalboard/most pedals chained, we found what we believe to be the world record at 142 pedals.

Nick and I are never shy of a challenge so after we went through the hard work of plugging in 100 pedals, we added a few more to surpass the existing claim of 142 pedals as the world record. I must note that the biggest difference was that we didn't use buffers and the sound of our result was more useless than the last world record holder, but we didn't care...we just wanted to smash the record! And we did!

Now this picture above does not show all the pedals in the video because we couldn't back up enough to fit all of them. There are some to the right of the shot and some on the left but we can assure you, if you add the 100 pedals from the last video and the two giant Earthquaker Devices demo boards, that put us at 136 (minus one pedal that we removed so 135) and then the 10 in the last row, we met the 145 we needed to pass their old record 142 pedals chained together. 

We also want to note that the last world record holders probably spent way more time setting their accomplishment up, had a more professional board designed, did it at a Summer NAMM show, used several friends' pedals to achieve that number and donated some pedals to charity. We were not so valiant. Nick and I could have done this with just my pedals alone and the result was this awesome video for you all! 

Shout outs go to the many pedal companies that have supported, and bestowed us with pedals to over the last few years. All this could not have happened without the mighty Earthquaker Devices, Red Panda, Godlyke, Mantic Conceptual, Digitech, MXR, Fairfield Circuitry, Dwarfcraft, WMD, Walrus Audio, Old Blood Noise, Keeley Electronics, Way Huge, Boss, DOD, Last Gasp Laboratories, Endangered Audio Research, Pigtronix, zVex, Big Ear, Source Audio, Idiot Box Effects, MWFX, Cog Effects, Chase Bliss, Mr. Black, Coppersound, Fuzzrocious, Gojira, and if I forgot your company, holler at me and I will add you to this list! Also shout out to Mogami for the best cables to do this with, GoPro for the cameras, Supro for the guitar rig and Ampeg for the bass rig in this video!

And of course, a big thanks to you, fellow pedal heads!

All of these pedals (and more!) are available at