Pedal Review: Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay

My friend, and Broken Bells/Hella guitarist Dan Elkan brought his Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay to 5starr Sound Labs because I don't own one and he does! The Back Talk Reverse Delay pedal was a part of the Miscellaneous Series Effects released in 2001 by Danelectro. Built in a sturdy die cast enclosure, running on 9V, it is a pure digital backward/reverse delay. It also features a 60's period flower power aesthetic, appropriate considering the psychedelic sounds you can pull from it. You can go from subtle delay to psychedelic oscillating noisy sounds. 

An overall fun, and awesome sounding delay pedal. The Back Talk can oscillate like crazy, or do incredibly subtle effected inflections. Having the options to blend in a completely wet signal is great, and having none of the straight forward repeats usually expected from delays is especially useful to get some really mind bending sounds.

Now the bad news...this pedal goes for around $300.00 on the used market since Danelectro stopped making them. Worth the price tag? You tell me after watching this video. I tend to believe that yes, it is worth it, but then again I bought a DOD Meatbox two years ago for $250.00 while remembering that I could get them for a fifth of that price! 

The Back Talk does what it does very well. Check out the review and you be the judge!

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