Throwback Thursday: A Different Kind of Pedal….Bike Pedals

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm obsessed with three things: music, food, and cycling. I have no fewer than three bikes at home. When I tour, I buy a bike at my first stop, either on Craigslist or at a used bike shop, and then bring it for the remainder of the tour. It's an easy way to get a workout and the BEST way to see a city - from eye level, outside of a car (or tour bus). I tend to go for a fold-able bike because it's easy to pack and is a manageable size. Shouts out to cities like Chicago and NYC and their ride sharing services

During the 2014 Deltron 3030 tour, I bought a lowrider bike that lasted only one day.  I donated it to a bike shop Co-op in Brooklyn called Times Up and they sold me, at a discount, a Dahon foldable bike.  I’ve been riding it almost every day.  I rented a bike in Chicago and Dan The Automator and I rode around the lake;  I love how alive I feel when I’m on a bicycle.  It’s not only fun but it also brings friends together (like my buddy John Z and me, riding through Manhattan). On top of the fun aspect, it’s always wise to stay in shape on tour (or anytime, really!). If there’s a gym at the hotel, I usually hit the elliptical but I always try to get a ride in no matter what.

Biking around in Vienna!

Biking around in Vienna!

I hope you enjoy my riding montage.  The first part of it was filmed while I was riding in NYC and the latter part of it covers my rides in Toronto.  I am thinking I should get a head piece for my GoPro to get better footage and to be a safer rider. 

Tonight I start a US tour with Juliette Lewis, I always try and explore each stop on our tour and if we have a day off I definitely take advantage and try and bike around. The beautiful thing about being a musician is we get to travel, we get a different worldview when we travel and these experiences inform our own outlook. I've biked around on so many different continents and it's one of the easiest things you can do, but also one of the most fulfilling. So if you have the opportunity, the best way to familiarize yourself with a place you're not familiar with is to bike!

Any other cyclists out there?