Review: Thug by Mantic Effects

The Thug by Mantic Effects is one tough little drive. This pedal was designed to kick your wimpy low end lacking pedals ass into fatness. Tired of your Rat pedal always sounding thin or your cheap old chorus is sucking your low end? The Thug is gonna set those lames straight!

Photo Credit: Mantic Concepts

Photo Credit: Mantic Concepts

The Mantic Effects dudes always respect the low end but they also realize there are a lot of other pedal companies that are not as considerate to thickness. Mantic came through to offer a hand to the effects that don't pay respect to the bass side of life.

You can also use the The Thug drive as a thickener to your lightweight basses or guitars. The Thug comes to the rescue of all thin instruments and adds the weight you have been so desperately missing. Don't believe me? Check this video out for yourself.

The Mantic Effects Thug should see a wide release very soon! Peep the Mantic Effects website and also keep an eye on!