Review: Z.Vex Super Ringtone 16 Step Sequencer of Ring Modulators!

Z.Vex is a fearless pedal company who trusts that musicians want more out of their pedals than a couple of simple functions. They had previously developed a great ring modulator called the Ringtone, but with their pioneering spirit in effect, they decided to create a Ringtone x 16! The Super Ringtone is, at its core, a 16 step sequencer of ring modulators! Not only is it a massive ring modulator, they also added really amazing functionality that can reach into distant mind boggling soundscapes.

When I first received the Super Ringtone pedal, I am not going to lie, I was very very intimidated by all the knobs and in depth instruction manual.  After making this demo, I still feel I have only scraped the surface of what this pedal can really do. What I am most excited about is how this pedal can create a sequence of musical lines that sound futuristic, sci fi and synthetic.  I also added Z.Vex’s Fuzzalo fuzz pedal to add to the madness of sound in this video!

I believe that anyone with the Super Ringtone pedal in their arsenal will make modern sounds that can be tapped in any tempo, with anywhere from one to 16 steps of sequence! I like to use a four step sequence and then put it in random, then learn the melody that that sequence creates.  The Super Ringtone is not only an inspiring pedal but an effect from the future!

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