When in Detroit it's all about Red Panda!

Detroit is known for auto-making, rock and roll and now pedal building! I was in Detroit last week on the Juliette Lewis summer tour, and one of the many benefits of touring are getting to visit a lot of awesome cities. For me touring also means I get to see people that I correspond with regularly online, but rarely get to hang out with. While in Motor City, I hit up Red Panda to see if I could check out where some of the most innovative pedals today are made.

I had my friend Adrienne Wisok, former Red Panda employee and Detroit native take me to the Red Panda lab so I could visit Curt Malouin and Sylvie Demers in their pedal building habitat. Well, Curt was lucky enough to be in Hawaii on a much needed vacation so I kicked it with Sylvie and she showed me the spot!

The pedal that started it all for Red Panda!

This new mixer from Red Panda is handy for running multiple guitars, bass, and synths into your pedalboard.

Tools of the trade!

Fire up the rig in Red Panda, complete with headphones and the Red Panda buffer!

Stacking pedals, one after another. 

The guts of the pedals we love. 

Sylvie and me chillin' in the lab. 

Adrienne with the aerial shot of us!

"Particles all day e'ry day!"

One genius pedal. Wish I had a black Particle!

Shout out to Red Panda for letting me nerd out in their spot. That new mixer is the shit, and I recommend it to those of you running multiple instruments into one board! Show Red Panda some love on their site, and check them out on Reverb too! Detroit is still the Rock City!