Review: Ibanez DUE300 Multi-Effects Pedal

Kicking off your Monday, Pedals And Effects style! While on tour with Deltron 3030 during our Portland, Oregon stop I had to stop by Old Town Music. Old Town Music is one of the best music stores in the country, so of course I had to drop in. During this particular visit they had an 80’s Ibanez DUE300 Multi-Effects pedal at a steal of a price of $75.00! This multi effects unit is great for several reasons but I would have to say the most unique thing is the delay hold button on the board gives you 2.2 seconds of hold time! Back then, that must have seemed like eternity.

Photo Credit: Tone Home

Photo Credit: Tone Home

The Ibanez DUE300 has a throwback distortion sound that comes from the Metal section, as well as a typical 80’s digital chorus sound but that digital delay is key to this board’s magic. The delay came with a hold function that gave you 2.2 seconds and you could tweak the delay time while in hold to really get freaky.

It seems Ibanez made a few different multi-effects boards. The rarest and most collectible is the UE300 which came with a compressor, tube screamer and stereo chorus, the UE303-B came with a auto filter, compressor and stereo chorus/flanger and the UE305 had compressor/limiter, analog delay and stereo chorus. 

I fell in love with the old sounds this DUE300 delivers since I came up in the 80’s and they take me back to that time. I can’t even say I remember seeing a lot of dudes use this pedal but the sounds are spot on. If you love vintage pedals and you want three decent effects in one, I would say pick up one of these old Ibanez boards.

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