Demo: Vintage MXR-134 Analog Stereo Chorus Pedal

Every time I go on tour I'm always surrounded by gear enthusiasts like me, it's a great environment for creativity but a bad environment for your wallet! Every stop on tour I check the local music shops and craigslist pages. Whether its Deltron 3030, or Juliette Lewis myself and all the other musicians on tour are always scouring each stop for great gear and hidden gems. During a Deltron 3030 tour I had my eye on a MXR Analog Stereo Chorus pedal, on our Portland stop I found it locally for $180 but I held off and when I got back home I found one for $80. Always check other outlets! People sometimes don't realize what they have, and you can save some serious cash. 

This MXR-134 analog stereo chorus was made by MXR in the late 70's/early 80's. This chorus pedal is a rich and lush analog chorus that has giant headroom and over the top fidelity partly-due to its larger than today's standard internal power supply and reticon chip that is now out of production. While on tour I heard the MXR-134 at a music store, and fell in love with the rich chorus and giant headroom. Bass players know that our low E or B string can be difficult to effect since it occupies such a low frequency range, but this vintage pedal is right there with all its analog glory. 

Whether you are into Joy Division's Peter Hook or Jaco Pastorius, this pedal will get you that vintage chorus you have been so wanting to emulate. Only one problem...they have not made this particular unit since the early 80's, so hit Reverb, craigslist, eBay or vintage music stores like Future Music and find your own MXR-134 stereo chorus, you can also try the very capable modern analog MXR M134 Chorus.