Demo: Iron Ether FrantaBit

There are many pedal makers out there and more are sure to come. It’s not easy to stand out in that crowd, but what I believe sets builders apart from the others are innovative and functional designs.

There are some pedal companies (like Earthquaker DevicesWMDDwarfcraftRed Panda Lab, and Fairfield Circuitry) that follow no one’s lead, but burn their own trail; and Iron Ether is among these few. Iron Ether has set out to make pedals that no other designer would even dare to: whether it is their Subterranea or Polytope, their unique pedals are in a class of their own.

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Iron Ether sent Pedals And Effects a FrantaBit sample rate/bit reducer for review and, having barely explored it, I was immediately blown away by how crazy and futuristic it sounds.  Now there are many bit crushers and I love a lot of them (like the Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander or my first bit crusher: the WMD’s Geiger Counter), but what I liked about Iron Ether’s FrantaBit is the franticness of the pedal: it’s like you’re strangling the incoming signal! Just using their suggested settings left me pretty amazed with what was coming out of this pedal.

Go check out Iron Ether's pedal lien to see all the out-of-this-world effects they make. You can purchase this pedal, and many more on