Demo: Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator

Pigtronix's Quantum Time Modulator is a vibrato, a chorus, and a wild time stretching effect that provides some pretty cool and useful sounds. Pigtronix was inspired by Frank Zappa's MicMix DynaFlanger sound (they even made a DynaFlanger for Dweezil!), and although I am not too familiar with that specific unit I fully trust that Dave at Pigtronix managed to achieve that exact sound. Dave, and the crew at Pigtronix are all pedal wizards, and are constantly coming out with new pedals to change the effects game.

I love using pedals like this on fretless bass, it sounds great on fretted too. Pigtronix understands that pedalboard real estate is extremely important to today's touring musician, so with the Quantum Time Modulator, you get two pedals in one. According to Pigtronix, the Quantum Time Modulator contains a series of "...multiple delay lines with independent clocks modulated by a continuous blend of envelope and LFO sources." The Quantum Time Modulator also has a stereo output if the wet/dry rig setup is your thing. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my vibrato pedals, and I can go full on Jaco with this pedal when in chorus mode. In this video I set a loop and manipulate the knobs, the pedal really made the harmonics shine and I jammed a bit over the loop too. 

If you are the kind of player who likes your bass or guitar thickened up with some chorus or vibrato, get the Pigtronix Quantum Time ModulatorPick one up on Reverb!