Introducing Bokanté - New Project by Michael League of Snarky Puppy

At this years NAMM show this past weekend, I met a really cool musician/bassist who runs the group Snarky Puppy. He was a very cool dude and we hit it off. He then emailed me his single from a new project that got released today, and I was stoked to help him get the word out!

Bokanté is an incredibly diverse musical collaboration headed by Michael League of Snarky Puppy. Bokanté is an international 8 piece group with musicians from Sweden, Japan, and Canada. With a tri-lingual vocalist, they cover a lot of cool unique sonic ground. Bokanté has got blues jams, Caribbean folk vibes, soul, and they definitely bring the groove!

The project was conceived by Michael League while on tour with other groups. He would bounce melodies, ideas, and songs all the while on tour. The musicians would then bounce their input back, a true collaborative process. Interestingly enough, their formation goes beyond convention, as some of the musicians hadn't met each other until the first day of recording!

The word itself, means "Exchange" in Creole. Bokanté's music touches on social awareness and cultural issues, and through it all, Bokanté is a vibrant image of what it wishes to see in the world: connection, unity, and love- through exchange.

"Strange Circles" is out in May on Michael's label GroundUP music. According to Michael there are a lot of fun pedals happening on this track, mostly Moog stomp boxes. 

I really admire what Michael has created. Starting and running a label, while leading Snarky Puppy's musical empire. I run a site, start bands, tour in established bands, do clinics/demos, and it is a huge challenge. Handling all things of the modern day musician/artist you have to have incredible discipline and commitment. It is inspiring what Michael has done. 

Check out Bokanté and support music you're into, we're all in this together.