Demo: Hotone Wally Looper

The Hotone Wally Looper is one of my favorite looping pedals. It's a lot of bang in a very small package. I was turned onto the Wally Looper when sound manipulator extraordinaire Troy Zeigler came through Pedals And Effects.  Since then the Wally Looper has been a mainstay of mine when I'm not using the Line 6 DL4. It's just as handy, incredibly reliable, and has a neat trick up its sleeve.

The Wally is a mini loop station which can record up to 15 minutes of loop phrases in one storable memory bank. It also has separate input/output level controls and a tempo variation/time stretch function.

As seen in the feature with Troy, the tempo variation on the Wally Looper is a really fun effect to incorporate into your loops. You can get really musical loops happening at different tempos and you can take them up to an octave higher or octave lower, maintaining its key center. The other nice function is the input level. This is handy if you want to have, say, loud drums with a softer bassline or vice versa. Not all instruments have to come into  your loop at the same volume.

As I pointed out, I wish the Hotone Wally Looper was big enough to house a battery because I would definitely velcro one to my bass. I love time stretching and this little pedal is super tight sounding, easy to function and nice on your pedalboard’s real estate.