Vintage Marshall Pedals: The Guv'nor, Shred Master, and Bluesbreaker

As you might imagine, GuitCon was very productive for Nick and I! We shot some dope videos, were joined by great people, and surrounded by great gear. While over there, Reverb debuted their European web shop and happened to have some vintage gear on hand. One of the many cool things we got to check out were some vintage Marshall distortion pedals.  


Back in the late 80's, Marshall had a go at making some pedals, the idea was to replicate some of their classic heads but in pedal form. So if you couldn't afford a Marshall head, you could get some of those classic amp break-up sounds in a box. These pedals were packed into heavy duty enclosures and rolled out with varying levels of gain. The Guv'nor modeled after a plexi, the Shred Master being a high gain pedal to cater to shredders at the time, and the Bluesbreaker is modeled after its namesake amp. I used to own the Guv'nor back in the day where I basically just "dimed" it! Nick takes the reins and runs some gnarly guitar riffs through these diamonds in the rough. 

Marshall discontinued these pedals in 1992, but it wasn't until Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead began using the Shred Master that the popularity and resale value of these pedals skyrocketed. Pedals And Effects contributor Max Kane put out a comprehensive retrospective on this line of pedals, so if you want more info give it a read! 

It was such an honor to be at GuitCon and we had a great time, stay tuned for more right here on Pedals And Effects!