Sovtek Fuzz Comparisons with

Nick and I were in Germany a few months back for GuitCon and we were immersed in the company of amazing musicians, and music companies. While at GuitCon we saw that were there so we checked out what they were up to. Reverb has opened up Reverb Europe, so people on the other side of the pond can finally get great deals online through Reverb. The rep there had a few vintage pedals at GuitCon that were actually up for sale and one of them happened to be a vintage Sovtek fuzz.


As you know, I own the best Sovtek fuzz ever made and though there may be others, I have yet to hear them and compare their qualities against mine. Whenever there is a chance to rip through another Sovtek, I do it; so Nick said "let's film it" and so here it is.

If you live in Europe, check out Reverb Europe for deals like this Sovtek and many more!