Show Me Your Pedalboard: Neil

Today's Show Me Your Pedalboard entry comes from Neil! Neil classics pedals, unique effects and makes interesting use of loops and a multi amp setup. It's been pretty busy over at the Pedals And Effects camp lately, but we wanted to get something out to you this week. So without further ado, let's take a look at what Neil is rocking:


Things kick off with a MXR Super Badass distortion pedal into the classic Ernie Ball volume pedal, the VP Jr. He has the ubiquitous, but classic, Boss TU-2 from the tuner output of the VP. Jr and he splits his signal into his amp with the amp effects loop returning to the board. 

Coming back from the amp's effects loop, we're back into an Electro-Harmonix Micro POG into a Loopmaster switch. The switch splits things up into delays/reverbs and modulation. On one side is the BOSS DD-5, (which they actually don't make any more) and a TC Electronic Nova reverb. The other side of the Loopmaster has an Eventide Modfactor. Everyone loves the Eventide Timefactor and Pitchfactor, but the Modfactor is a swiss army knife of modulation sounds, it's got a really cool programmable "leslie" sound and of course, vibrato. The signal moves out of the Loopmaster into a ProCo Rat distortion and ending into an MXR Carbon copy. 

Photo credit: Sweetwater

Photo credit: Sweetwater

Ok, I get your working with a multiple amp setup, but you can definitely simplify your rig into having some stuff run in front of the amps, or at least consolidating what goes where. You can have the two distortions next to each other running into two separate amps, instead of having one earlier on, and the one later. Octave stuff should be as close to signal origin as possible for tracking (or not if that's your thing). You have some cool stuff here Neil, it just needs to be focused a bit. Consider re-tooling the Loopmaster and keeping the pedals used for each amp consolidated, instead of having the ability to use a pedal for each amp later on in the chain. You sacrifice some options for organization, and when you're playing a live gig that is key. Anyways, that's just my two cents, if it works for you than who am I to say?

Super appreciate you sending your board in Neil! It's always amazing to see what people do with their gear. You can send your board to and it could end up right here on Pedals And Effects!