Demo: Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof

The Cloven Hoof from Earthquaker Devices is a suped-up version of Earthquaker Devices popular Hoof fuzz where they kept the clarity of the Hoof and widened the range of dirt and grit. The Cloven Hoof delivers a more bombastic, bass heavy tone with more crunch that can not be achieved with the standard Hoof.

Photo credit: Tone Report

Photo credit: Tone Report


Gone on the Cloven Hoof are the germanium transistors which got replaced with “4 specially selected silicon transistors for higher gains, cleaner cleans and improved temperature stability“???  Seems it is getting pretty scientific over at Earthquaker Devices! What you get is more range than the Hoof and overall over-the-top fuzz sonic-ness.  The tone knob seems to just sweep the mids and lows deeper and sharper than the Hoof and yet you get so much more fuzz!

I am still a giant Hoof fan yet I will be pulling out the Cloven Hoof when I need to go over the top!