Demo: Mantic Flex Pro

There will be pedal builders and then there will be the ones who build sonic frontiers such as Mantic Effects. As I stated before, this is an exciting time for effects and to have access to inventors like Mantic during such a boom. These guys first hit me up on email and were so excited about what they were building, they would give me heat for not putting up videos of a pedal they sent me. Being an artist myself, I recognize that kind of enthusiasm for our creations and so I told the Mantic crew, I will do you justice.

Photo credit: GuitarFX Direct

Photo credit: GuitarFX Direct

The Mantic Effects’ Flex Pro is a pedal that is just absolutely insane and crazy. I am not even sure how to explain it so I will let  Nick Reinhart fill you guys in on what the Mantic Flex Pro is all about. What I can say about it is it is a one of a kind type effect. Nothing else out there comes close to what this pedal does. It is, as Mantic claims, is a “synth-glitch fuzz envelop” effect but the sounds that come out of this effect will prove it is so much more.

If you intend on informing yourself about the extremes of pedal making, please check out all the Mantic Effects gear on their website. Mantic Effects is the first company, to my knowledge, that attempted to clone the famous DOD Meatbox too (though the Beef Bag is insanely close, it is somewhat different than the Meatbox) and they have another huge sounding sub pedal called the Density Hulk Pro and of course my favorite Mantic Effects pedal, Vitriol distortion!