Demo: Totally Wicked Audio Little Dipper 2.0 featuring the TWA Great Divide

Godlyke’s Totally Wycked Audio has been creating amazing, in-a-class-of-its-own pedals for sometime. They put the work, time and research into their pedals and they won’t release an effect until it is mind blowing. Godlyke did this with the awesome Great Divide analog synth octave pedal and now they have come up with something just as revolutionary, the Little Dipper!

When I met Kevin at Godlyke at a NAMM show years ago,  I saw the first version of The Great Divide pedal and I kept telling him I wanted one of the five that existed. He wouldn’t hook me up because he kept telling me it was only going to get better.  He was so right because the version I have now turns my bass into the craziest Moog type synthesizer that I could have hoped for. I also remember playing through The Little Dipper 1.0 but I was told to wait on the next version.

When I was on my last day of summer touring with Deltron 3030, Kevin gave me the Little Dipper 2.0 envelope filter and I ripped into it at soundcheck.   This pedal, like the Great Divide, was definitely worth the wait. This pedal has as great filtering ability as any Moog pedal or synthesizer and then some. Kevin is a genius when it comes to designing options and the Little Dipper is no exception.  I just barely scrape the capabilities of this pedal in the video but I know you can hear what this box is capable of.

As an added bonus, I did some video with both the Little Dipper and the Great Divide, combined. (The Great Divide first, then into the Little Dipper.)