Demo: Eradicator by Satellite Amps

Hey guys, Nick here, recently I had seen that Adam, from Satellite Amps, was getting into the pedal world. His amps are simple (1 volume and 1 tone knob) and super rock and roll. He hand builds 'em all and they come in all sorts of cool colors (sometimes with neat Paul Frank custom artwork too!) His first pedal is basically one of his loud ass amps in a cool mid century-lookin' custom steel box. The casing is just a bit bigger than your average pedal and that's because it's got a dang 12AX7 tube in it!

Photo credit: Distortion Bros. 

Photo credit: Distortion Bros. 

Recently I was in a studio in San Diego working on some stuff that happened to require a badass preamp, mid century-lookin' pedal with a tube inside. Our friend O, who sometimes works out of Satellite, had gotten his hands on one and brought it by. It totally ripped. you might not know by looking at it, but it's LOUD. Really glad to now have one at the Pedals and Effects headquarters.

Last year we had Jonathan Hischke on Pedals and Effects showing us his Big Trees by Audio Kitchen, which is a similar concept (preamp pedal/box with a tube). If this happens to be a trend that's catching on with builders, this is definitely something that we can get behind!