Demo: Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Master General

Whenever Nick or I go out and demo pedals for Earthquaker Devices we always get such great reception from you guys. You guys are all super enthusiastic and curious about pedals and effects, it's a joy to demo and do clinics for you. The Earthquaker Devices boards are split in two, one board is all modulation and the other is all dirt, distortion, fuzz etc. We are often asked about a certain fuzz pedal, and today we'll get into the nitty gritty. It's the Fuzz Master General!

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

The Fuzz Master General is Earthquaker Devices take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2 Professional fuzz (an octave fuzz that was very similar to the Super Fuzz). The basic circuit was re-imagined and basically updated. The “Voice” toggle allows you to enhance the fuzz capabilities while opening up variable tones out of the classic circuit. This toggle selects between germanium, silicon and no diode clipping. The germanium diodes offer more output and a more gnarly fuzz tone while the silicon diodes compress the signal, giving you a tighter fuzz tone.

When the voice is set to no diode clipping (center position) it is straight insane dirt grit with a ring mod sound!  The Fuzz Master General delivers a more versatile version of the original while still retaining the same swelling octave grind.