Adrián Terrazas-González rips effected horns for Halo Orbit

Adrián Terrazas-González is a two time Grammy winning saxophonist, bass clarinetist, percussionist, and overall pioneering multi-instrumentalist who spent years with me in the Mars Volta. Adrián is a great guy, a great musician, and was gracious enough to rip on the new Halo Orbit for me. Adrián pulls out traditional sounds and then rides the outer boundaries of effects to give his instruments heavy layers of texture.

I met Adrián back in 2004 when he started playing with the Mars Volta and this dude came with a huge amount of enthusiasm. It had to be weird for him, having never played in a rock band quite like Mars Volta, and he did a great job on his first record, Frances The Mute. Adrián immediately took to the wild sounds everyone was throwing out and a lot of that was due to the influence we were all under via our pedalboards.

Halo Orbit has an improvisation track on the new record entitled Brothers And Sisters where Money Mark came in and ripped heavy organ. I loved how that track came out, but then I thought a great pairing would be to put Adrián's crazy approach on it. I think the result is beautiful. Check out Brothers And Sisters here:

Here in this video, Adrián explains his pedalboard and burns through some sounds. This dude came through for Halo Orbit, as he has done so for my other band, Big Sir.