Demo: Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral

Making its debut at this years winter NAMM, Pedals And Effects is comin' at ya with Earthquaker Device's latest offering, the Space Spiral Modulated delay! From vibrato, warm swells, tape breakup, and weird interval/octave harmonies, we've only begun to scratch the surface of what the Space Spiral is capable of!

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices kept things simple with the Space Spiral, and while it's not as complex as last years Avalanche Run, or the Disaster Transport Sr., the Space Spiral packs quite a punch in its smaller size. The Space Spiral fits the same footprint as your standard Earthquaker Devices pedal and features all the lush echoes and analog tape breakup you could want from its repeats. The Space Spiral has up to 600ms of delay time, you can repeat the oscillations infinitely for extra weirdness, or you can dial it back to something more classic and vintage sounding. 

What separates the Space Spiral from the pack and gives it is magic is the "Shape" knob, which controls the built in modulation. As you turn the knob, it modifies the wave form from triangle to square, the accompanying "Rate" knob controls the speed of the modulation. You can get an amazing vibrato tone which is what I currently use it for, or you can get odd half-step harmonies which is what Nick uses it for. But don't take our word for it, it needs to be heard to be believed!

I will always back Earthquaker Devices, and it's really easy to when they're doing cool innovative things and shooting for the stars. The Space Spiral is just the latest in what they have offer, and I can't wait to see what they do next!