Show Me Your Pedalboard: Rob

It's been a while since we've done a Show Me Your Pedalboard feature! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys. I see all of the emails you guys send me of your boards, and I super appreciate how awesome you guys are. I will try my best to get back to you with my thoughts on your board. Anyhow, today's board comes from Rob from Chicago! Rob plays in a band called ARRIVER which is a prog/metal group, so you know he's got to have the dirty stuff and the fun weird stuff too. Let's dive in:

First up, from Rob's bass things get started in a TC Electronic double team of the Bonafide Buffer, and one my favorite tuners ever the Polytune. Bright LED, super accurate, with it you're golden. Up next are not one, not two, but three Darkglass Electronics pedals. First up Rob has got the Duality Fuzz Engine, the B3K Bass overdrive and the Super Symmetry Compressor. I'd put the compressor first, but that's just me. The Darkglass crew are an up-and-coming boutique effects pedal company based out of Helsinki, Finland. They've already made waves around the world, so definitely keep an eye on them!

Photo credit: Darkglass Electronics

Photo credit: Darkglass Electronics

Jumping to the top of Rob's board we got the tried and true homies Mr. Black with their Bass OD. These were a limited run and are now sold out! Rob mentions that he always keeps it on. Having a pedal always on, whether its a compressor, distortion, or boost pedal is a great way of crafting a unique tone. However, you have to be careful with this as other effects might not "stack" as well with a pedal being on all the time. Also don't always have a chorus on, every band in the 80's did that for their clean tone and it got played out fast. 

Up next we get into modulation on Rob's board with an Earthquaker Devices double team of the Grand Orbiter phaser (peep the 3rd rate setting) and Dispatch Master delay. Always got love for Earthquaker! Lastly Rob puts his bass head straight onto his board! The Quilter Labs Bass Block 800 drives his speakers. That's crazy, but it does make things super convenient for travel, also for troubleshooting pedals. Also it'd be cool to tweak settings each song, kind of hard to do that with an SVT but I'll definitely check that out. Rob has also got a TC Helicon Mic Mechanic vocal processor, for vocals. 

Thanks, Rob, for sending in your board! You can send me your board at and it could end up here on Pedals And Effects! Until next time!