Demo: Ibanez Echo Shifter

Pedals And Effects is so lucky and incredibly honored to have a guy as passionate as Nick give us extensive demos of his favorite pedals!  In today’s post, he shows us his Ibanez Echo Shifter! I love the look, functionality, and sound of the Echo Shifter, but the Ibanez reputation is what I can vouch for more than anything else. Ibanez has consistently made great gear over the years and their pedals have always been top notch!

The Ibanez Echo Shifter is incredibly well constructed. The pedal is kept in a very classy looking housing, with wooden veneers lining the sides very similar to the style of Moog’s modular synths and effects. The Echo Shifter combines an analog delay with digital-like flexibility and functionality.  Digital delay features such as tap-tempo footswitching (a rare thing among analog stompboxes). Different from most delays the Echo Shifter features a Delay Time slider as opposed to a knob. The slider lets you have more control over the manipulation of the delay time where you can go from short stutter like delay to long trailing swells. The slider is also perfect for live manipulation in a gig setting so you don’t have to bend down over your pedalboard to manipulate delay times! The Echo Shifter also offers an infinite variety of sonic possibilities, with features like an oscillation switch, feedback control, modulation, and depth control.

Grab one of these Echo Shifters & see why Nick was dying to demo it on Pedals And Effects!