Demo: A/DA Flanger

There are times when it is clear why a pedal is the best there is in its category. This is the definite case of the A/DA (Analog/Digital Associates) Flanger. This effect is huge, dynamic over the top all the while remaining musical. But I have to say, I don’t hear a lot of flangers being used these days. I used this flanger a bunch in Mars Volta (I used this flanger a ton on live versions of Goliath) and I can say from experience, nothing comes close, and nothing sounds exactly like this effect.

I previously reviewed the A/DA Flanger on Pedals And Effects but Nick and I were discussing it, and he wanted to know why it’s the best flanger out there and if I could convince a non-flanger using guitarist to consider using one. I figured why not video the discussion instead of just talking about it?!

Sorry for the repeat video but I felt it was important to show off this great pedal with guitars, and players who aren’t huge fans of flanging. You'll never know what happens when you get thrown into the A/DA whirlpool. A/DA did end up reissuing the flanger, but those can be pretty hit or miss. You can find a healthy amount of the originals and reissues alike on online marketplaces like Reverb or eBay.

However! A/DA has found more of the classic Panasonic chips that are in this unit…they are even asking on their site if you have any available they can get off of you! So who knows? We might get a reissue more faithful to the original!

Check out the video of me attempting to persuade Nick and let us know what you think!