Demo: Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master Delay & Reverb

Taking a look at the Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master, this pedal is one of Earthquaker Devices' mainstays and has developed quite a legacy for itself over the years. I'm seeing it more and more on peoples boards, and in studios all over the world. It's super great to see how far along these great devices have come.

The Dispatch Master by Earthquaker Devices is a versatile delay/reverb pedal that I use in every musical situation. I love it for its small size, the fact that you get two effects in one, and the lush sounds it creates. The Dispatch Master can produce up to 1.5 seconds of delay time with near-infinite repeats and a huge reverb.

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

The delay signal is clear and strong with no after effects or signal degradation and the repeats decay into a nice ambient swell with no oscillation. Both effects can be run separately or in unison. When using the reverb with no delay, the repeats control can be used to thicken up the reverb and give it more dimension. The Dispatch Master features a digital delay and reverb line with an all analog direct signal path and true bypass switching.

I think every bassist who loves creating dub-like sounds will make this an essential pedal on their pedalboard. It has such a deep reverb and spacey delay that clearly accentuates the low end. Whether you play dub, rock, psych rock, or hip hop, every pedalboard can benefit from the addition of a Dispatch Master.