Demo: TransTone Fuzz by Moxtronix

If you know Pedals And Effects, you know that of all the things we love, up at the top is without a doubt, fuzz! The engineering genius behind the Endangered Audio Research AD4096 spun off and started Moxtronix. The debut pedal from Moxtronix could not have made more of a statement, and that statement is one of the coolest fuzzes around that I'm proud to rep!

Photo credit: Endangered Audio Research

Photo credit: Endangered Audio Research

What can I say? The TransTone fuzz is so dope. Based on the old Maestro Fuzz-Tone, the TransTone has rich definition, clarity, and for the bass players, can really maintain a beefy low end. This pedal is also LOUD, and if you really need that extra volume it has a boost switch to kick things up a notch. My only gripe with the boost switch though is that there is no LED that indicates whether or not its on, but I can live with that. 

The "Soft" switch, switches between "Modern" and "Vintage" circuits, with the "Modern" setting being throatier with more midrange and compression, and the "Vintage" setting being more like a germanium fuzz. The "Filter" switch adds a high pass filter for some extra clarity/definition.

What really makes the TransTone special is the additional gain stage that feeds directly into the fuzz. That Gain knob drives the signal even more and gives the TransTone additional character that you might not find with other fuzzes. Even with the Fuzz and Gain knobs dimed, you can make out every single note, the amount of headroom is astonishing. I love this thing!

Currently, the TransTone is available through Moxtronix on a Reverb store, but its also available through Endangered Audio Research. But, its also available at Century Sound LabsCream City MusicHeyday Musical Instruments, & Rock 'n' Roll Vintage. Keep an eye out. Definitely check out this fuzz if you can, and support your favorite builders. I'm going to go play this some more!