Demo: SolidGoldFX Beta DLX bass overdrive!

We get dirt pedals sent to Pedals And Effects all the time, but when I get a really killer bass overdrive, I do flips, and the SolidGoldFX Beta DLX has me suspended in the air! First they took one of my favorite bass overdrives, their Beta, and gave it some smart options.

Photo credit: SolidGoldFX

Photo credit: SolidGoldFX

The Beta Deluxe is a swiss army knife version of their classic Beta bass overdrive, but with the awesome option of being able to put the boost before or after the drive. This level of finesse really opens up your tonal possibilities. The Beta Deluxe also offers selectable clipping, body, and mid switches, to fine tune bass and mid-range frequencies, and an internal trim-pot to adjust the overall gain of the drive channel. The "Boost" section also has its own dedicated 3-position tone switch, allowing for a finer degree of control over the bass frequencies of the boost channel. Of course, I dime the bass switches to maximum bass!

Head to the SolidGoldFX website and get an overdrive that you will use for years to come. I will not steer you wrong. I want better bass tones on the records being put out here today!