Throwback Thursday: Mystery Fuzz from Swansea, Wales solved!

Touring definitely has its perks, and I’ve been so blessed and fortunate over the years to receive such wonderful gifts. Among some of the many things I’ve received over the years are some custom built pedals that YOU guys have made. One such pedal is this mystery “Green Monster” from Swansea, Wales. The pedal is as green and lush as it’s place of origin! Now, in 2017 The mystery has been solved, and the creator of this mysterious fuzz is Life is Unfair Audio.

It was during our UK stop of the Big Sir tour last year when I was given this rad fuzz pedal that I named the “Green Monster.” Well now in 2017, I finally have the guys contact info and where you can get this rad pedal!


Instagram: @lifeisunfairaudio


Check out this gnarly homemade fuzz from Swansea below: