Demo: Red Panda Mixer

With Pedals And Effects, expect the unexpected! Today we're not necessarily checking out an effect, but a very useful tool that can be a catalyst in really exploring sonic possibilities. Today it's the Red Panda Mixer! The Red Panda Mixer made our "Best Pedals of 2016" list, and is easily one of the most handy and utilitarian pieces of equipment to come through Pedals And Effects.

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The Red Panda Mixer is very multi-instrumentalist friendly, one board but you play guitar and keyboard? No problem. Want to plug multiple instruments, vocals and effects into a PA? Normally you'd need a large multi-channel mixer with a whole bunch of knobs and inputs and outputs. With enough time its valuable, but when you're setting up and tearing down a stage you need to do things as quickly as possible. The geniuses at Red Panda managed to condense all of that into a single easy-to-use 3 in, 1 out mixer. Super easy to use, no signal degradation, and even better it can fit into your pocket!

Peep the video of Nick and I jamming with a drum machine, a guitar loop, and super effected bass!

You can also use the Mixer as an effects loop, keep the dirt separate from the modulation etc. Possibilities are endless. Set it, and forget it. The Red Panda Mixer is super simple but most importantly it's reliable.